1971 - Continues: Practice - Debra
2002 - Continues: Primal Screams, Unconscious Dreams, Release - Elijah
2008 - Continues: Facets of light, blur of life - for my daughter (fmd)
2013 - Continues: Ok now it's just ... whatever happens

Artist Information

I think we're all a little mad, some only hide it better than others. After nearly forty years, it seems I am lost as to how to label, or summarize, my madness with words. Painting is a communication, a reaching out, from the canvas, to the artist, to the viewer. In my canvas I see characters emerge, as you may see in the clouds, from the layers of letters I write to my son, elijah. A subconscience world just beneath the surface; it is my obsession to share that madness with you.